2017 Leadership Training

Lay Leadership Training for Everyone Serving on a Church Committee or Council

If you have been asked to serve on a FUMC Committee or Council, THIS MEETING IS FOR YOU!
The Lay Leadership Committee is offering a two-hour leadership training workshop on SUNDAY, JANUARY 22, 2:00-4:00, in the Connection Worship Center. If you lead or serve on any FUMC committee or council, we strongly encourage you to attend this workshop.

Leadership Training Slides & Handouts

2017 After Event Report

2017 Agenda Request For Clinton FUMC Administrative Council

2017 Agenda Template

2017 Lay Leadership Committee Liaisons

2017 Ministry Action Plan

2017 Minutes Template

2017 Monthly US Holidays Calendar

2017 Herding Cats Presentation

2017 Discipline Info

2017 New Ministry Proposal Plan